As time changes and society becomes more accepting of gay people, people of color, and others who don’t match the “average joe” persona, the hate directed towards those people changes as well.

You see, hate and intolerance have levels to themselves. As much as we would like it the other way, racism and homophobia aren’t as simple as “some are and some aren’t.” Many good meaning people can say something racist and many people can pretend to be accepting while disguising their homophobia.

One new video by the BBC’s The Social is trying to express this fact. The four minute video, titled “Time for Love,” sees a man contemplating whether or not he should kiss his partner goodbye while they stand in a Glasgow park.


The Facebook video for the post is going viral and spreading around thanks to it being posted on BBC One’s Facebook page, The Social’s Facebook page, BBC’s website, and more.

The video not only shows a man’s thoughts through actions and visuals, but he also recites a poem to express exactly what he’s thinking in the moment.

The perspective depicted in the video shares the idea that both internal and external conflict is still present for gay men, even for those living in accepting Western countries.

Instead of aggressive opposition, though there is still plenty of that, many homophobes attack using veiled phrases like “Let’s keep things family friendly.” In addition, there’s always the fear of attack if a gay couple kisses or holds hands out in the open.

That said, is there still hope? Is it still worth it to openly kiss a loved one or to hold his hand? Even if there is pushback, should we express ourselves fully? Check out what the video says on the topic by playing it down below.

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