If you go to Pride, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see protestors holding signs reminding you how sinful and hellbound you are. Taylor Swift would probably tell them, “You need to calm down,” but one couple took a different approach: making out in front of a Christian protestor until he was so squicked out that he had to walk away.

In the video, a protestor wearing an orange shirt with “REPENTANCE” written on the arms holds up a tall sign which reads, “GOD HATES PRIDE.” (Ever notice how what “God” likes and dislikes always happens to match his followers’ own biases? Interesting.)

The protestor’s sign has helpful reminders like “When PRIDE cometh, then cometh SHAME,” “A man’s PRIDE shall bring him low” and “The PRIDE of thine heart shalt deceive thee.” (Such old-timey language!) It also has helpful Bible verses written in tiny print at the bottom and is so poorly designed that you know a stylish queer didn’t help him make it…. but we digress.

Instead of debating this theologian on the finer points of religious explication, a hunky guy in shades, short gym shorts and a crop-top tank walks up to his shirtless and bearded man-friend in unbuttoned denim overalls wearing a rainbow bandana, and the two begin passionately making out. It’s kinda hot.

It’s so hot in fact, that it drives away the protestor quicker than the flames of Hell. He stalks away with his sign and Bible as onlookers laugh and cheer. So… love wins!

It’s actually kind of brilliant, weaponizing gay sex like that. We have heterosexuality and religion shoved in our faces all the time so a little turnabout is fair play.

Here’s the video of the two men making out to drive away the protestor:



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