The ‘Tarzan’ and ‘True Blood’ actor seems to be very, very open to a lot of things.

Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and had an unapologetic smooching session with the show host.

The 39-year-old Tarzan actor, who’s most famous for his role as a blood-thirsty and thirst-trapping vampire in True Blood, was having an interview with Ross on the show which also had Britney Spears as one of its guests.


During Britney’s segment, Ross and her played a game of ‘Spears Pong,’ where they competed to give each other pre-determined forfeits.

One of the forfeits was kissing Skarsgard — which really isn’t a punishment — and our pop princess lost, so she gave the actor a polite peck on the cheek.

Later on, Skarsgard asked Ross if there really was a 50/50 percent chance of them kissing each other if he were to have lost to Britney, and the show host replied, ‘Yes… it wasn’t staged.’

To prove his words, Ross got up from his seat and the two men proceeded to make the possibility a reality.

And not just once, but twice!


Ross also interviewed Skarsgard about dressing up in drag at the movie premiere of Diary Of A Teenage Girl in 2015.

The actor shared that it was a ‘torture’ to be in his drag persona, Lady Labido.

When asked if he tucked, the actor quipped: ‘Yeah, but it’s not very big so it’s easy.’


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