You can watch the ceremony live streamed here or on GSN’s Facebook page

A Brit-Aussie gay couple are celebrating their civil partnership today, and they’re inviting you to the ceremony.

On Gay Star News’ Facebook page, and on this very page, you can watch as a same-sex couple say their ‘I do’s’ in an incredible live streamed video.

James Besanvalle, a Gay Star News 26-year-old journalist, and fiancé Matt Horwood, a 28-year-old who works at UK LGBT charity Stonewall, will be holding their ceremony in London.

The ceremony will start at 11.30am (BST).

The couple decided to get a civil partnership rather than a marriage for one main reason: same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Australia.

‘Same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia and as it stands currently there is no one federal laws for civil partnerships,’ James said, who is from Sydney.

‘When same-sex marriage is legal in Australia we’ll convert it into a marriage.’

The two met a year and a half ago on Tinder and knew shortly they were destined for each other.

The couple are live-streaming their wedding for various reasons. They want people to witness the process for civil partnerships and because James’ family would not be able to attend.

‘It was really important that the process for civil partnership was as inclusive as possible.’

While a large amount of his family members won’t make it to London, his parents will be there.

‘It was really important that the process for civil partnership was as inclusive as possible,’ Matt added, proud they will only be using LGBTQ or all-inclusive allies as suppliers.

You can watch the ceremony either on the Facebook page, or right here:

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