As part of Alternative Family Week 2017, Gay Times invited actor Charlie Condou to read Olly Pike’s internationally successful LGBT+ story Prince Henry – a gay family fairytale.

The King and Queen think it’s time for their son to choose someone to marry and spend his life with, but are they surprised by who he chooses?

“Charlie is part of an alternative family, he has a husband, a son and a daughter and he is a positive role model for so many of us in the LGBTQI+ community who perhaps one day would like a family of our own,” Olly tells Gay Times about why Charlie is an important person to read this story.

“Prince Henry aims to usualise gay characters for young readers, and also introduces other diverse types of people. I hope that this story will help combat homophobia, as well as educate about equality.”

Olly adding: “I hope people enjoy this story, and understand that this book can belong in any library, school or home. We need to educate children about acceptance, kindness and love and I believe Prince Henry helps to achieve this.”

You can watch Charlie read Olly’s gay family fairytale Prince Henry below.

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