Miss our Drag Race react videos? This is the beginning of our react series of Game of Thrones

SPOILERS: Games Of Thrones is back on our screens for its penultimate season.

A record 16.1 million viewers tuned in to the premiere, making it the most viewed in the show’s history.

The episode saw the return of fan favorite Arya Stark, who finally got revenge for the murder of her mother and brother.

We also saw mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen cross the sea in a bid to claim the throne from the sinister Cersei Lannister.

With only 13 episodes left to tell to story, each episode has been extended in length and in pace.

The show is known to not shy away from gore, epic battle scenes and LGBTI story lines so we had to do another of our video series: GSN Reacts.

Our video editor Lewis will be recording a reaction for every episode this season.

Watch the epic reaction to the Game Of Thrones season premiere below:

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