equal love

When talking to anyone, I think one word that I try to avoid the most is the word “normal.” I can remember cases where I’ve seen people’s claws grow and eyes peer into my soul when I used the word normal. The word “normal” seems to have become a huge negative word in the LGBT community, or at least that is what I think. I’m a little hazy on when I used the word aloud last, but I do remember the last time I avoided using it.

equal loveA new campaign by Ditch the Label takes on the word normal in their new anti-bullying campaign.

Here’s their inspirational video that has me feeling so much more than normal right now.

Never have we lived in such volatile times. Never has it been so important to promote the value and need for love. We need love to unite us. We need a love that is fair and equal. A love that doesn’t discriminate and a love that extends to everybody within our communities; regardless of sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, a disability or any other unique factor.

Now is the time to take a stand of solidarity with us. A time to fight harder than we’ve ever fought before, because right now the world needs you more than you may realise. United we stand. Divided we fall.

If you’re experiencing bullying, don’t ever feel like you’re alone. We’re here for you. Get help and support now from www.DitchtheLabel.org.

A huge thank you to our brand partners at www.Boohoo.com for sponsoring this video and for making it all possible. – Ditch the Label

equal loveWhen can we use the word normal any more? I’m thinking we’re never going to be able to use the word normal to describe a human being ever again … and that’s quite alright.




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