Black describes the dish as ‘a magical, meaty ball’

Dustin Lance Black can’t help it.

He keeps making ball jokes (‘Now we have salty, greasy balls’) as he joins husband Tom Daley in the kitchen for a cute how-to cooking video.

The dish the newlyweds tackle Scotch Eggs with Daley having to keep a wisecracking Black on task.

The dish is a soft-boiled egg wrapped in spicy ground beef or sausage and usually rolled in bread crumbs then baked or fried.

Daley opts for a healthier version by not including the bread crumbs.

‘They are a healthy twist on the classic, making them a great post gym snack or an on-the-go lunch,’ he writes.

The couple are cute together as Black dries Daley’s tears as he chops up a giant shallot.

Then when something crashes and breaks in the kitchen, Black turns to the camera and says: ‘I feel like my life is in danger whenever he’s in the kitchen …. literally there’s things falling from the ceiling, things constantly breaking, things burning.

‘Send help.’

It’s a good thing cooking isn’t the main line of work for the Olympic diver and the Oscar winning screenwriter.


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