‘Robron’ shared some big scenes in last night’s episode of the ITV soap.

Last night’s episode of Emmerdale was lauded by fans after Robert Sugden (played by Ryan Hawley) came out as bisexual, before proposing to boyfriend Aaron Dingle (Aaron Livesy).

The ITV soap was also used the episode to dispel myths that bisexual people are more likely to be promiscuous.

After Robert confirmed his sexuality, Aaron began to fear that because his partner was interested in both guys and girl, he would be more likely to cheat. Referring to a woman who tried to flirt with Robert, Aaron says: “She threw herself at you because she thought she had a chance.”

“What, because I’m bi?” asks Robert.

“I’m bisexual, okay. I like both. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna cheat!” he adds.

Fans took to Twitter to show their appreciation for the show for representing the bisexual community.

He goes on to discuss how he felt like a disappointment to his father. “I spent all this time, years, trying to be the person he wanted me to be,” he explains.

“I just want to be myself now, with you.”

Watch the moving scenes below:


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