Could all fights between sportsmen end this way?

A fight broke out between two male volleyball stars ended in a perfect way – with a kiss.

The disagreement broke out between chaser Yu Yamamoto, 24, and Takuya Takamatsu, 29, at an All-Star Game held at the Japan Volleyball League.

Yamamoto, a chaser for Sun Yamagata and Takamatsu, a forward for Toyoda, disagreed over whether one side had fouled.

As they pushed each other, the top athletes decided to do something a little different to break up the disagreement.


As you can tell from the pictures, it seemed to do the job.


While there are no openly gay players in Japanese volleyball, the reaction has been incredibly positive.

Takamatsu was quoted as saying that he ‘loves [Yamamoto] like a little brother’.

Fans on Social media have said this may be the ‘best sportsmanship ever’.


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