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The song asks Polish people to ‘love us for Christmas it is the right time – when love conquers hate and fear’

Against all odds, a gay couple has taken the top spot on Poland’s charts with an adorable Christmas song celebrating LGBTI families.

Jakub Kwiecinski and David Mycek became well known in their home country after making a lip sync video to Roxette’s ‘Some Other Summer’. The video got half a million views but also threw the couple into the spotlight. They became the target of homophobic slurs from the media and the Polish public.

The couple are prominent LGBTI activists. They started the #PolandWakeUp campaign to raise awareness about the lack of equality for LGBTI people.

When they married in Spain in June this year the couple said they were sad their marriage was not recognized in Poland.

Christmas anthem

Not put off by the haters, Jakub and David decided to step in front of the microphone to record their own original song.

Called ‘Love us for Christmas’ the catchy tune features 30 LGBTI people from across Poland in its music video.

The video opens with real recordings of some of the homophobic slurs the couple has faced. Some of this include; ‘this rainbow is a symbol of perversion, ‘[being gay] it’s bestiality, debasement, barren relationship and ‘they [LGBTI people] need to be cured’.

‘During Christmas time there is a magic kindness between people,’ Jakub said.

‘We just wanted to use this moment to draw people’s attention to our issues and make them understand us.

‘According to recent studies made in our country over 70% gay men and lesbians in Poland have experienced violence and aggression… so there’s a lot of things that need to be changed.

‘That’s what we’re trying to do.’

One of the families featured in the song’s video is Jack and Andrew. They couple migrated to the United Kingdom for their own safety.

But they flew back to Poland with their sons, Brandon and Adam, to star in the music video.

Watch the gorgeous video here (with subtitles):

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