A new advert for Google Home features gay dads, and it doesn’t make a big deal out of it at all.

The ad for the Google device last for just over half a minute, and shows off its capability to support and recognise multiple users.

The couple featured in the ad, Ross and Alex, both ask the device what is happening in their work days.


They do this while their kids look on, eating breakfast.

In the end, Ross realises he has a free morning and offers to take the kids to school.

The fact that the ad makes no big deal of the same-sex couple featured is pretty important.

Check out the show but sweet ad below:

Google for the past couple of years has done something pretty cool for millions of people who might not be able to go to a Pride event in person.

For millions of people around the globe who can’t get to a Pride celebration last Pride Month, Google unveiled #Prideforeveryone.
Google Street View blurred out this cow’s face – for privacy, obviously.

A Google hangout for LGBT families is a small beacon of hope in the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming President-Elect of the United States.

The company has often supported Pride, and made a stand against discrimination within its ranks and around the world.
This new ad is by no means the firs time Google has featured a gay couple in its ad.

Last year, without causing a fuss, a nice ad for Google Calendar featured a gay guy breaking up, getting over it, and then meeting someone new.

It may not always get it right, however; as sometimes slightly confusing images show up when searching for LGBT terms…


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