When did kids get so smart?

The latest installment in the “In a Heartbeat” saga has come out, and it’s a video of kids reacting to the film.

The short film about a young romance between one boy and another has taken the internet by storm. And to keep the conversation going, Youtube Channel The Fine Bros Entertainment has made videos of Elders reacting to the short film, the creators reacting to the elders, and now kids reacting to the short film.

The very purpose behind the film’s creation, besides being a senior thesis project for the two creators, was to make an animation about same-sex love that was approachable for younger viewers.

So, it’s only right to show the reactions of children seeing the short film and then having a talkback to get their thoughts on the whole situation. They even talk about whether its appropriate to show these types of stories to kids their age.

And, it’s actually quite surprising how mature and precocious these children are. But, don’t take my word for it.

Check out the video down below:

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