LGBT Elders experience their first Pride parade thanks to the Dublin Bus / Screenshot via YouTube @Dublin Bus

Get ready for your daily dose of adorableness.

It seems that with the 50th anniversary of pride, there’s been a lot of conversation about the history of gay rights and Pride. In addition, there’s a need to recognize where those two things are today. But how about merging the two, past and present? That’s what a new YouTube video by the Dublin Bus tried to show us.

Now, the Dublin Bus is known for being a great party bus during Pride. In fact, we shared with you a video of dads celebrating their LGBTQ kids on the bus last year. And this year, the bus produced a video showing younger LGBTQ people partying on the bus and celebrating pride with older LGBTQ people.

In the video “The Long Ride To Pride,” found below, we hear the stories of LGBTQ elders.

One man tells the story of how after coming out to his doctor, he was told, “What right have you to affection?”

A lesbian elder also shares that she knew as a child that “there is something mentally or physically wrong,” but it took her years to identify what was different between her and her peers.

A transwoman then said that she grew up staying inside so that she could dress up as a girl.

Of all the above elders, none of them had been to Dublin Pride.

“Dancing in the streets is for the young and beautiful and should be left for the young and beautiful,” said one gay man.

But boy, were they wrong. The elders were picked up by the Dublin Bus and taken for a ride they’ll never forget. They were joined by younger LGBTQ people and had the times of their lives at Dublin Pride. You can watch it all happened down below.


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