Though she’s releasing five early tracks in total before the release of her upcoming fourteenth studio album Madame XMadonna‘s official second single following “Medellín” is “Crave,” a slow-jam R&B track with echoes of Madge’s underrated Bedtime Stories era.

“Crave” features Swae Lee of “Sunflower” fame, and the 23-year-old singer is also in the video, often shirtless. 

The video is hardly high-concept, with Madonna and Swae in a parking garage and on a rooftop singing about how dangerous their romantic cravings can be. Madonna definitely looks great, stunning in a shimmering blouse that catches the light. 

This song would fit right in on the Billboard Top 40, but radio stations seem to mostly be ignoring the existence of Madonna. Who is, just to remind everyone, the highest-selling female artist of all time. 

Could “Crave” be the first track from Madame X with some impact on the charts? 

Madonna will release Madame X on June 14.

Watch the music video for “Crave” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


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