ideal size
ideal size

What’s the ideal size of a guy’s member?

Sometimes I think we spend too much time measuring, medicating, and searching for what we all may think the perfect size is, we could cure world hunger before every man would be happy with what they’ve got.

These two guys, appears to be one gay and one straight get to handle a big member.  Not sure why a dildo is blurred out on youtube, but I guess they had their reasons.

Would you like to see what it’s like to pack a top porn star’s member?

When the average is 6-ish inches and these seem like a foot long of pain fun, do you think most would want to double their size?

Yes, different guys, different girth, and do we know hat these guys actually thought they wanted a member that size would have been good.  But it’s all in fun.

Once again, world hunger, penis size, world hunger, penis size.

What is your ideal size?)))



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