There are more than 3,000 hot spring resorts in Japan

Well, this is one way to drive tourism. A YouTube channel promoting the Japanese district of Ibaraki has uploaded three videos of a guy showing how to enjoy the country’s famous hot springs – or ‘onsen’.

The clips on IbakiraTV show the near-naked bather flexing his muscles in turning up the heat at Isohara Seaside Hotel.

Japan is a very volcanically active country. As such, majestic hot springs are found throughout the major islands. What’s more, a huge hoteling industry has grown around them.


Hot springs have a myriad of health benefits. They’re known to boost blood circulation, reduce stress, promote sleep, relief pain and also help with skin problems.

Of course, many onsen are nude-only, although this guy seems to be wearing the smallest slip of loincloth.
We’ll see you in Japan!

Watch the strangely hypnotic series below…


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