ANZ releases beautiful new ad supporting same-sex couples feeling safe enough to hold hands in public

New video encourages same-sex couples to ‘hold tight’ and not be scared about holding hands in public.

Launched by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), the video highlights the hesitation from same-sex couples holding hands.

It features various same-sex couples doing every day activities like catching a bus, watching a movie and walking down the street.

The video starts with scenes of couples reaching for their partner’s hands but dropping them when people approach.


The video says: ‘When you feel like letting go…

‘Hold tight.’

Watch the video:

ANZ Bank is no stranger to LGBTI inclusion

In 2014, ANZ unveiled GayTMs for the Sydney Mardi Gras.
As well their flamboyant designs, the GAYTMs also printed ‘out and proud’ receipts and display support messages for the pride and Out in the Park festivals.

The rainbow-colored ATMs became a social media sensation for its inclusivity and diversity.

Antonia Watson, chief financial officer and ANZ Pride Network executive sponsor said: ‘The GAYTMs represents respect, inclusion, equality and acceptance.’

ANZ Bank also won an Innovation Award for the GayTMs and came sixth in the Australian Pride in Diversity list in 2015.


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