‘The energy of Sydney was intoxicating’

Steve Grand made sure his ‘wild’ time at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was captured on video.

The All-American Boy star has posted on YouTube highlights from his trip Down Under earlier this month where he definitely mixed business with some pleasure.

Grand flew 16 hours, on his 27th birthday, to arrive in Australia on 1 March.

He got settled then did the BridgeClimb Sydney​, swam in the harbor and fed kangaroos.

Grand then put on his red speedo and hung out on a swanky yacht with some Aussie boys.

‘I made some new friends aboard a yacht in Sydney Harbor,’ he said. ‘There was great food and beautiful views of the harbor during sunset, beautiful Aussie men wearing very little, performing drag queens.’

The video lingers on the speedo clad men he met aboard the yacht and Grand remarks: ‘So many sights to take in.’

Before his 4:30 am performance with sexy shirtless male dancers – it was first time he ever did a choreographed live show – Grand was in the Mardi Gras parade where he was shirtless and waved a Pride flag from the back of a truck.

‘The energy of Sydney was intoxicating that night and I managed not to fall off the truck,’ he said.

More tricky was the performance itself with having to enter in a rising stage, be in sync with the dancers and deal with special effects.

‘I have performed hundreds of shows all over the world by now but I have to say this experience here on stage with fully choreographed dancers, fireballs, thousands of people in the audience, it was more to take in than I could have imagined.’


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