Brandon Austin, also known as his drag alter ego Sophia Stardust, has arrived.

The teen graduated vocational school in his native UK this week amid scores of cheers. As he strode onto the stage giving his best queen wave, he collected his diploma and launched into a full-on death drop before a stunned college president.

Of course, a video clip of the drop has gone viral, attracting Austin fans from all over the world. He told GayStarNews: “I just said to my friends, ‘how iconic would it be if I did a death drop?’ All my friends were into it. So when I got up there, and all friends were cheering, I just thought let’s do it. The crowd screamed and cheered. Everyone was also so shocked. It was amazing.”

Austin also shared his ambitions to appear on Drag Race UK. “It’s such a good show. A lot of young people these days are really into it”’ he says. “I really want to be a nice queen – I want to be there for people and help others. I also do think the platform would give me a good opportunity to broaden my horizons. But I’m not going to apply until I’m ready.”

At 18, Austin appears to have plenty of time.


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