Get ready to cringe…

In the latest episode of Comedy Central’s Your Face Or Mine, in which couples are forced to compare their looks with other people and each other to win money, Travis appeared with his boyfriend Dion.

When Travis’ co-worker was brought out as a surprise guest, he wasted no time with pleasantries, revealing: “Travis used to flirt with me at work.”

That was clearly news to Dion, who said he had no idea that his boyfriend was hitting it off with one of his former co-workers, asking: “Where was this?”

“Where I work now!” Travis replied, earning gasps from the audience.

And things only got more awkward from there, as Travis was asked to admit who he thought was most attractive out of his co-worker and his boyfriend – a question sure to cause tension in any relationship…

But with a £300 prize to be won if he could guess who the audience fancied the most, Travis went with honesty and said his co-worker was the hottest.

Did the audience agree? Watch the incredibly awkward moment below to find out…

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