Aj Knight in the fundraising promo for “Daisy Knight” / Image via Aj Knight

With four more days to go, one man’s hopes of creating a new gay tv series are in need of support.

Actor and writer Aj Knight is trying to give us more LGBTQ representation but is looking for financial backing to make it a reality. He thus created a Kickstarter campaign to create a pilot worth pitching to Hollywood big wigs.

“It’s like Lizzie McGuire but gay,” Knight explains in the creative campaign ad found below.

To be even more specific, the coming-of-age story would follow a closeted teen in a Southern suburban town. While his everyday persona is of the shy and quiet type, he has an inner persona named Daisey Boy who is the cabaret-dancing gay man he wishes to become.

In addition, Knight recently spoke to OutSmart Magazine about the Kickstarter campaign and the project. Through that interview, Knight expanded on his list of influences to beyond Disney Channel’s former flagship series Lizzie McGuire.

But Wes Anderson wasn’t his only inspiration. Aj Knight also shared titles like Big Fish and Hulu’s original series PEN15 as projects that helped to bring Daisy Boy to life.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Daisy Boy become a reality. But, the Kickstarter needs help in order to do that. Over $30K has been raised toward the $50K goal, but there are only four days left in the campaign. If you wish to donate, you can do so by clicking this link.


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