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If you’re looking for a new web series to obsess over, this might be it.

Matt & Dan is the brainchild of Matt Wilkas, star of 2012’s Gayby and boyfriend of Gus Kenworthy, and Daniel Vincent Gordh, an actor and comedian who portrayed William Darcy in the award-winning web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

The first episode of the sketch show, which was released this week, features a scene in which Matt and Dan play two men who have just had sex for the first time, but one of them has some notes for the other…

“I think you’re really onto something, but I just think there’s a few things you could work on,” explains Matt’s character.

“I’m gonna start with the good stuff – I really like what you did with my ears, like the nibbling and whispering in my ears, that was nice, but the kissing is too wet. Are you gonna write any of this down? It helps you remember it.

“The foreplay was good, but no touching my face. Stop trying so hard, be more in the moment. You convulse when you orgasm, did you know that? I feel like you should get that checked out.”

And if you thought the situation couldn’t get any more awkward, it turns out Matt’s character wasn’t the only person judging his new partner’s performance in the bedroom…

Watch the first episode below:

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