Cute, upon cute, upon cute…

We all watched adorable animation In A Heartbeat and cried. Then we all watched elders reacting to In A Heartbeat and sobbed a little more.

Well, grab your tissues again because now we have the In A Heartbeat animators reacting to the elders reacting to the short love story, and it’s all too much.

Filmmakers Esteban Bravo and Beth David are over the moon with the reaction to their work, offering further insight into the impact they want it to have.

“They were able to understand on a different level how different it was for other people like us, back in their day,” Esteban says of the elders’ reaction.

If you haven’t seen In A Heartbeat yet, you really need to. It’s been viewed over 27 million times on YouTube already.

The short film follows Sherwin, a closeted redhead who falls for Jonathan while spotting him in the street on the way into school.

“This film is not only a culmination of our four years of education and hard work at the college, but also an expression of a subject that has not been explored in computer animation,” Esteban and Beth stated last year.

All we can say is that the final result is four minutes of pure joyous magnificence.

Watch In A Heartbeat below:

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