The cinemas are filed with superhero flicks, however you don’t see many gay characters. Except pansexual Deadpool, and a tentative with Captain America – that made fans ask Captain America to hook up with his best friend – that is pretty much all.


There is a little gay action in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, with sexually-fluid character Jeri Hogarth, but nothing that stands out.

So, those from Shape History thought it was time for LGBT superheroes to be honored as they really are: gay. In comic-books, Iceman, Catwoman and Mystique are gay, but they are portrayed as straight on the big screen.

In a campaign meant to bring gay superheroes in the limelight, Shape History created a trailer where these characters are gay, and we get to see some gay action as well. The trailer was presented at MCM Comic Con on May 27 urging Hollywood to honor these superheroes’ sexuality.


“We hope that we can demonstrate to the studios that there is a huge audience for accurate LGBT portrayal on the big screen,” Mike Buonaiuto told The Huffington Post, “and it won’t deter cinema­ goers to buy tickets.”

If you want to help gay superheroes to appear more often and significantly on the big screen, you can sign the petition Shape History has created here.

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