Have a hanky at the ready…

Gay singer Christopher Krow has teamed up with social app Moovz to create an emotional music video about same-sex marriage.

The video brings together clips of eight ceremonies as Krow passionately belts out his original song, Altar.

Krow is an up and coming musician based in Seattle, WA. He believes that through his music he can help spread the simple message that love is love.

‘It’s so easy to stop believing in love during difficult times but I know and believe the world is starting to understand that love always wins,’ Krow says.

‘My wish [for the video] is that people will hold on to hope. That others will find hope in the song and the wedding footage I chose to accompany it.’

Do you have someone you love? Join the movement and upload a picture to Moovz using #love.

Watch the touching video below:


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