I’m literally crying into my gluten-free bread right now. Who am I kidding, it’s a burrito.

It’s been a rough time for LGBTQ people in Australia, who are still waiting on word regarding if gay marriage will be legalized down there. So we here at Instinct Magazine wanted to share a beautiful and emotional story of one Aussie guy proposing to his equally cute Aussie boyfriend, in a way to show just how amazing love is no matter who you are. Get the tissues going, folks.

Brad, who goes by Brad Guy on YouTube, posted a video of the proposal last month to his boyfriend which was a complete surprise! The two were on holiday in Europe where Brad took him to Northern Ireland and popped the question while they checked out some castles on the Causeway Coast.

His boyfriend’s reaction is nothing short of amazing, as he is overtaken with emotion as most people are when they get engaged (I’m still waiting, Chris Pratt). What results is a beautiful moment from two guys who are simply in love and are looking forward to taking the next step.

Here’s the video in full. Congrats to both!

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