My heart will go on…

All a board the Titanic.

As much as we love Rose and Jack together perhaps James Cameron missed something by not having an gay couple in the film instead. Well thanks to Proud Unicorn we can now see how the film would of been with a gay couple.

Watch the video below:

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  1. As a person that knows the titanic movie and the Titanic better then most , this is not done well , abaut half the lines and music are messing, the timeming of the lines and the music is wrong and the scene is way to short and the movements when they kis are wrong as well and they both kiss , in the real titanic movie , in this only one of them Kisses and you can hate me all you want , but it is the truth .

    • Oh My God THANK YOU..I’m not the only one who think this was, at best, a rushed work..

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