Couple teams up to make chocolate Easter treats

Dustin Lance Black sometimes makes what appears to be reluctant appearances in fiancee Tom Daley’s frequent YouTube videos.

But this time, the Oscar-winning screenwriter has got a full co-starring role.

The Olympic diver is joined in the kitchen by Black to whip up a batch of chocolaty Easter treats known as Bird’s Nests.

Daley, 22, tries to determinedly stay on task throughout the melting of chocolate and mixing of ingredients.

Black, 42, takes on the role of naughty little boy sneaking bites when Daley’s back is turned.

It’s funny stuff from a filmmaker who is known for serious work such as the feature film Milk, the recent TV miniseries We Shall Rise and the play 8.

They also wear eye-catching aprons in the kitchen. Black’s is the colors of the Rainbow Pride Flag while Daley’s is the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom.


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