gay daddy

“I got three pairs of shoes for $35.”

It was a nice change to see our Facebook feeds filled with messages of love on Valentine’s Day, but even celebrating your relationship can turn nasty when it becomes a competition between friends.

The latest video from Michael Henry finds the comedian competing with his friend Zach over whose sugar daddy wined and dined them the best on February 14, but they each had very different experiences.

While Zach was flown to Miami for a weekend of couples massages and eating flakes of gold, Henry was just as proud of his big trip to the North Hollywood Sizzler.

“Did you know that it’s against the rules to take a couple napkins and some apples with you from the buffet on your way out?” he asks. “Well, it is, but my daddy did that for me.”

Find out what other treats he was blessed with in the video below:


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