It’s a moving celebration of gay love released purposefully to coincide with Inauguration Day

A couple of days ago, 21-year-old Australian-South African singer Troye Sivan teased his 6.3million Instagram followers with a tiny snippet of video.

He informed them that the full video for Heaven, featuring Betty Who, would be released on Inauguration Day (20 Jan).

Although a lyric video for the track first appeared over a year ago, he today dropped the full promotional video. And all we can say is ‘wow’!

The moody black and white video, by director Luke Gilford, is a celebration of gay love, relationships and protest, taking in everything from Harvey Milk to same-sex marriage.

Oh, and there’s also Troye – who came out via a YouTube video in 2013 – getting amorous with some lithe young gentleman.

Watch it below:

On Twitter, Troye calls it ‘the most important song I’ve made’


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