This mega-clip compilation proves Kevin Keller, the ‘gay side-kick’, deserves a spin-off.

Smash-hit teen drama Riverdale has been binged on more Sunday afternoons than RuPaul’s Drag Race by now. The amazingly clichéd who-done-it series had us all obsessed after it was added to Netflix.

Gay men everywhere were captivated with Kevin’s love antics, and actor Casey Cott’s dashing good looks. His friends might be caught up in trying to find a killer, but Kevin’s search for ‘the one’ is a far more relatable focus.

We think the show should ditch the protagonist Archie, and his infatuation with Veronica, and focus solely on this dreamboat’s love trials…

The second season of the popular program is set to hit TV screens worldwide on 12 October 2017, and we hope and pray there’ll be more man-on-man action.

Until then, revisit the best gay moments from Riverdale below…

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