Last week, we caught up with Las Vegas legend and number one Godney Spears impersonator, Derrick Barry, to catch up on life post-Drag Race (yes we know, we’re three years too late), her viral Stonewall comment and to see if we can expect a future appearance on All Stars – you can read the full interview here.

Because we posted a ranking of all nine Britney albums earlier this year – which proved slightly controversial with some hardcore stans – we had Derrick give us her opinion on the icon’s incredible discography, from her first studio effort Baby One More Time to her most critically-acclaimed release Glory. Who better to do so than Derrick… bitch?

Check out her ranking below…

“Oh my gosh. Well I would have to put In The Zone first, because it’s the era that I started impersonating her and Toxic is the best Britney song in the world. I mean, it might be the best song in the world, I’m just gonna go ahead with that one. I also remember sitting in my car listening to Everytime and just crying, listening to that song. That album just has a lot of emotion for me and I think Toxic is the best music video and song. It’s no wonder it won a Grammy!”

“And then I would go to the Britney album, because I really love the old Britney. I’m a Slave 4 U, Boys, Overprotected, I Love Rock N Roll… that’s such a good era.”

“Then I’ll go to Circus. If I had to just pick my top three albums, it would be In The Zone, Britney and then Circus, definitely.”

“Then I’ll do Blackout. I know people will be mad because they think Blackout is the number one album, but everyone relates to Britney albums differently.”

“I’ll do Femme Fatale next.”

“Let me put Glory after Femme Fatale.”

“Then I’ll go to the Oops album.”


“And then Baby One More Time.”

“Then Britney Jean would have to be last, but I love Work Bitch. It was the best way to come to Vegas and start a residency.”


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