Let all your GoT season eight quibbles be a thing of the past, because, as we’ve previously reported, Netflix’s What/If is your new TV obsession. It’s got an Oscar winner camping it up as Mrs. Robinson, lots of muscular man-butts, gay three-ways… and if you aren’t already sold on this… I’m sorry

The gender-swapped Indecent Proposal update [that’s literally all the plot synopsis you need] stars Reneé Zelwegger, Blake Jenner and Jane Levy.

The stuff that’s got us all aflutter is the beaucoup butt shots from Jenner (he plays a former basketball star and looks it from all angles), and a three-way between Juan CastanoJohn Clarence Stuart and Derek Smith.

For the uncensored What/If snaps, with lots and lots of perfectly-formed butts, head over to Fleshbot


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