From the heel stomping inspiration on “Dem Beats” on his last album Forbidden to the epic opus-style glory that is the  Wizard Of Oz inspired album Straight Outta Oz, almost everything that Todrick Hall presents musically is an experience, in the most monumental sense of the word. On his latest EP Haus Party, he is cementing his status as a true dance music visionary, who pays homage to the culture in the fiercest possible ways. 

Quite simply, from the first moments of the lead track “Attention”, we know that we are in for the fiercest dance floor experience you are liable to find anywhere this summer. “Nails Hair Hips Heels” is a bitch track in the absolute best sense of the word. With razor sharp lyrics presented gorgeously by a sultry sounding Hall, this track, in the same vein as “Dem Beats” gives you lyrics chock full of immediately trend setting verses. (and clock that Real Housewives of Atlanta-Kenya Moore “I’m so fab I’m gone with the wind bitch” reference in there)! Hall manages to intricately weave both the Rupaul’s Drag Race culture that he is an intricate part of) into the pop culture of today, making his material relatable to fans of all genres.


The rest of the album shows both a growth in Hall’s material and a willingness to be super experimental, both to fantastic results. “Relove” is a hypnotic sounding love song of sorts, while “Chapstick” is an ode to every boys essential beauty accessory, complete with heavy baseline attached and a little help from a Drag Race All Stars crown holder. Trixie Mattel. “Glitter” is a shimmering ode of adoration, complete with a lusciously pink and creatively divine video. “Amen” is a classic R&B dance style anthem, with a early 2000’s big room anthem sound perfectly set for some peak hour dancing, along with a message of loving who you want to love, just as long as you can hit the dance floor and turn the party with them.

Todrick All is hitting the road this fall with the appropriately titled “Haus Party Tour” with dates kicking off in October and traveling nationwide. For details, head on over to

And the church said “Amen” indeed!




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