Noah Galvin’s ‘The Real O’Neals’ character asks gay icons to help dial down the world’s level of gayness.

In a clip from ABC’s comedy The Real O’Neals, gay teenager Kenny, played by out actor Noah Galvin, encounters the situation so many of us have experienced before: being asked to be ‘less gay.’

in the scene, Kenny is watching the gay pride parade on TV with his family when his mother drops the comment.

She says that there are too many ‘booty shorts and nipples’ flashed out at the festival, and, assuming that every gay person knows all the gays in the world, she wants Kenny to tell the other gay folks to ‘tone it down a bit.’

‘Sure thing. We all know each other, so I’m just gonna hop on the rainbow bat phone and call everyone,’ Kenny replies, before actually getting on the rainbow bat phone so ever ready by his side to connect to the gay universe.

He first tries Lance Bass, who then calls Jane Lynch, who then rings Tyler Oakley.

And of course, who else better to forward the message to than RuPaul? And that’s what our favorite gay YouTuber did.

‘Dialling down the gay — got it!’ Ru tells Tyler.

But will Ru follow through and make the gay universe less… ‘flaming’?

Watch the hilarious scene here:


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