Coming out of the closet is an incredibly difficult thing to do for anyone. Some of us have it easier than others, but the freedom in doing so is universally the same in that it gets the biggest weight we have on our shoulders off.

It may be difficult for friends and family members to accept who you truly are after you have done so, but the feeling of being your authentic self is something that each LGBTQ person should be able to experience in their lifetime.

That got me thinking about what moments have many of us cherished since coming out? What has been that one thing that has stuck out in our heads that resonate more than others? With all the negativity in our community, and in the world, its good to see that good things happen for us, and we can experience them not only with each other… but with ourselves.

Take a look at some of the amazing responses we got to that question: what has been your proudest moment since coming out of the closet? Answer it yourself here!

Accepting my sexuality without drinking alcohol.

Asking my company at the time about domestic partner benefits on my first day at the job. Getting “we never thought about that” and having domestic partner benefits started the following open enrollment season.

My parents and family accepting it without question. I’ve never stopped being proud of them in the 30 years since I told them

Getting married to my one true love

My mother looking me in the eye and telling me she was proud….and always knew.

When Sally Field won for Norma Rae! Lol

My brother who’s somewhat homophobic accepting me; being proud and happy for me and my accomplishments. (Especially this year).

Proposing to my husband on the day of the Supreme Court ruling – June 26th, 2015.

That time i got double meat at Subway and she forgot to charge me for it. Oh, and getting sober.

Knowing who matters to me and who don’t. I got rid of a good chunk of my family cause they could not accept i am still me…so fuck em and I have not lost sleep over disowning them. They lived their imaginary god more than their real blood relative. Family is what you make it and who needs a mom anyway….would say who needs a dad too but he left when I was 3 so eh…fuck him. Was a valuable lesson.

The day I legally married my husband… also my happiest day. Close second, the day he got his green card, followed by the day he got his first US passport!

Creating and running an aids service organization of which the front name was leather force 2000 doing HIV prevention in the leather community. We save dozens of lives through the plague.

Volunteer leadership roles for LGBTQ issues, fundraising and crisis management/community unity after the Pulse massacre.

Getting married to my husband November 2008 during the original legal window we had here in California.

Singing for the first same sex weddings here in Orlando in a mass 50+ couple wedding by request of the mayor.

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