The aim of the fund is to increase the acceptance of LGBTQ communities around the world by supporting local LGBTQ media whose work is a vital lifeline in countries where LGBTQ people face legal and social challenges.

The initiative was launched in partnership with human rights charity Give Out, and will also provide resources to local communities for campaigning, education and social change.

The fund will empower and support small media organisations, activist groups, and platforms that work to serve LGBTQ citizens in the region who continually face prejudice, persecution and discrimination from government, the mainstream media and society.

Amplifund will be funded by GAY TIMES’ corporate partnerships, subscriptions and individual donations.

What’s more, Amplifund plans to bring more diverse voices to the forefront of mainstream LGBTQ media in both the UK and US, where there is often a lack of understanding and little exposure of experiences of LGBTQ people outside of Westernised societies.

The first three international partners to work with Amplifund will be J-FLAG, IraQueer, and Pink Armenia.

J-Flag is based in Jamaica and advocates for the rights and freedom of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica. They also offer legal reform, education, social services, and support, as well as providing safe spaces for local LGBTQ people.

IraQueer is fighting for an Iraq/Kurdistan region where LGBTQ people are protected by the law, have equal rights, and are protected like everyday citizens.

Their mission is to empower LGBTQ Iraqis through raising awareness of LGBTQ issues, challenges, and identities, as well as advocating for LGBTQ rights.

The third launch partner, Pink Armenia, fights for human rights where everyone in society in protected and accepted regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Amplifund’s first campaign has been launched with a series of striking images where displays of same-sex love, gender expression and queerness have been censored by LGBTQ community flags.

Messaging includes “Some Of Us Have To Keep Our Pride Inside” and “Some Of Us Still Have To Hide Who We Love” to raise awareness of the continued censorship, prejudice and discrimination LGBTQ people face across the world.

This is just the beginning for Amplifund, and there will be more campaigns and international partners further down the line.


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