Also: How much more do gay male couples make than their straight peers? (Hint: It’s a LOT.)

A new report from the Tax Policy Center reveals which U.S. cities are tops with married same-sex couples.

Perhaps not surprisingly, San Francisco has the highest percentage, with 13,220 (or 1.52%) of all married couples in the city. As NBC News points out, that’s about 12 times the number in Provo, Utah, which ranked at the very bottom of the list.

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The number two spot was a little less predictable: Santa Rosa, California, with 1,416 married same-sex couples, or 1.25% of all marrieds. Maybe it’s the wine?

Rounding out the top five were Seattle (1.09%), Boston (1.04%) and Portland, Oregon (.97%). New York City came in at number 9, with 13,892 married same-sex couples. That’s a lot—the most in America—but it’s only 0.84% of married couples in the country’s most populous city.

State-by-state, all 50 fell short of Washington D.C. which has overwhelmingly the highest percentage of gay couples (4.17%). But Massachusetts and Vermont tie for first place (both 0.99%), far ahead of North Dakota, at the bottom of the list, with just 0.13% of all married couples.

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The exact number of same-sex married partners isn’t clear, since the Census Bureau doesn’t accurately record such data. But the center looked at federal tax returns for answers, since about 96% of married couples file jointly. In 2015, the year Obergefel legalized marriage equality nationwide, there were 250,450 same-sex couples who filed joint returns. (That’s about 0.5% of all joint returns.)

“Same-sex joint filers are generally younger, higher income, less likely to claim dependent children (especially for male couples), and more geographically concentrated than are different-sex filers,” said the Center in a statement.

In general, same-sex couples are more likely to be of working age and live in major metropolitan areas, where incomes are higher. But male couples made more than 40% more than either straight or lesbian couples. And male couples with children had an average income of $264,000, or more than double that of lesbian and straight parents.

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