gay monument

The Obama Administration is preparing to announce the nation’s first monument to gay liberation, Stonewall National Park, which will be located in New York City‘s Greenwich Village, considered the birthplace of the modern movement.

The historic designation will encompass the Stonewall Inn bar, Christopher Park, a sliver of green space across the street from the bar, and parts of the surrounding neighborhood.


According to The Washington Post, the National Park Service will designate the area as historic in time for the city’s pride celebration, which commemorates June 28, 1969, the day corrupt cops raided Stonewall Inn only to be surprised by an intense rebellion by bar patrons and locals fed up with police harassment.

The president “has made clear that he’s committed to ensuring our national parks, monuments and public lands help Americans better understand the places and stories that make this nation great,” a spokesperson for the Interior Department told The Post.


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