Well at least the husband knows what he wants now.

A woman found out about her husband’s affair with their house’s gardener and lashed back in the most public and ruthless manner.
After Heather discovered her husband of 16 years, Egill, was actually sleeping with their male gardener behind her back, she went on to create a website in his name sharing every detail of the affair.


It reads:

This website is dedicated to my cheating husband Egill. A man who had it all but decided to throw it all away for a quick romp.
Egill and I were married for 16 years. We have 3 kids and until recently we were, or so I believed, happily married. We had it all. A nice house, a loving relationship, beautiful kids, a dog and enough joint income to make our living comfortable.
What more could you want? Well, it looks like Egill also wanted John. Our gardener. On 15 October 2015 I received an anonymous call to say that Egill was no longer attending one of his by biweekly swimming sessions down our local swimming pool. He was in fact having an affair.

Obviously I thought it was some sort of sick joke. I did not believe a minute of it. However, over the next few weeks, that tiny niggling feeling at the back of my head grew slightly larger daily. I finally decided to follow Egill and it soon transpired that it was not a joke after all. It was true.

Initially I was shocked and in pieces, however this turned into anger and frustration.

This website is my way of coping with everything and an outlet for my rage.

This website is in memory of you my soon to be ex-husband, liar and cheat!


Apparently she has also hired a local SEO company to boost the site’s Google ranking, according to Journalistic.

So whenever someone searches for her husband’s name this is first thing they’ll see. Considering employers google their potential employees’ names, it’s definitely not gonna end well for the husband.

What do you think of this punishment? Perfect treatment for a cheating spouse, or has it gone too far?


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