This week a racist gay bar reversed its ban on rap music, a storm chasing meteorologist proposed to his boyfriend in front of a tornado, and Aaron Schock’s nudes “leaked” online. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

got a tan.

posed on the pool table.

made friends.

found happiness at DragCon.

kept his clothes on.

went to the beach.

adjusted his shades.

told a story.

read a book.

was a pirate.

wore pink.

picked his teeth.

spun the color wheel.

took care of himself.

made it to San Francisco.

graced the cover of Flaunt magazine.

ate meat on meat on meat on meat.

hit the gym shirtless.

climbed a waterfall.

caught a beach ball.

took a bath.

took a break.

took a hike.

trained his dog.


sat in bed.

did some sit-ups.

held a cat.

And slipped into something a little more comfortable.


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