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After Browsing A Webcam Website, An Older Man Discovers He Knows The Young Performer!

Yikes! So, the gay community pretty much glamorizes porn stars. It’s so often that we’re constantly promoting them, paying for their OnlyFans accounts, and double taping on all of their Instagram posts. I get it. We love hot men, especially if we get to see them doing the deed. But, we’re arguably the only community who does. Our heterosexual counterparts, and society, look down on sex workers as dirty and clueless. While that argument is a separate conversation, one thing that unites both parties is the shock factor. “___ is doing porn!” I’m sure by now a lot of us have had this conversation before. But, what happens when you discover one of your co-worker’s son, who you’ve known for years, turns out to be a rising porn star that you paid to voyeur?

According to Slate and their “Ask Prudence” section, this is the exact situation a concerned web cam browser is asking. Long story short: A 38-year-old, gay man is a frequent visitor to a web camming website. He discovered his co-worker’s eighteen-year-old son is a web cam model, who he has watched private webcams shows of. Upon learning the true identity of the model, the visitor has claimed to have not peeped another show from the teen. But, now he’s facing a dilemma: Should he tell his co-worker her son is shimmying, shaking, and jerkin’ all over the internet? Should he tell the model personally? The web cam browser states he only wants what is best for the once fourteen-year-old boy he knew – that porn may be a dangerous and damaging path. Don’t worry, he doesn’t want to ask the model on a date or be his sugar daddy, he just wants to give some friendly advice on decision making.

“Prudence” gives some solid advice to keep his mouth shut to both the web cam model and his parents. Which is the obvious answer. Something tells me this browser who claims to be a “generous tipper” to the web cam models is still getting his rocks off to this eighteen-year-old he once knew. It’s clear not to say anything and I hope this older gentleman realizes that it will only cause chaos into the model’s household: He is doing the web cam modeling in his parent’s home. This young boy is not necessarily troubled, but is using this job to make a quick buck. If he likes it, great. Perhaps we’ll be seeing him as a presenter at The Grabby Awards sometime soon. But, if he’s doing this on the low to pay for a fun summer or hopefully saving for college, more power to him.

Would you inform a third party that their child, best friend, or even a random acquaintance is performing in pornography?

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