Cash Me Outside

Thanks, Cheap Undies!

The “Cash Me Outside” girl has arguably been the biggest internet craze of the year so far, and although it’s finally died down a bit, a video of some hot guys dancing to the inevitable remix of the infamous quote is making it worth a revisit.

In case you somehow missed the avalanche of memes last month, it all stemmed from an episode of Dr. Phil that featured a girl who issued a unique threat to the studio audience.

DJ Suede The Remix God cashed in on the trend by turning it into a song, and underwear brand Cheap Undies cashed in on that by getting hot models to perform a choreographed dance to the track. How bow dah?

Check out David Ratcliffe, GianCarlo Annitto and Marvin Brown dancing to the routine by Dexter Mayfield in the sexy video.


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