“You gay bastard!” After two men hug, Papa John’s employee starts hurling...

“You gay bastard!” After two men hug, Papa John’s employee starts hurling homophobic insults

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A Papa John’s employee in Botwelll Lane, Hayes, Middesex became so enraged at the sight of two gay men hugging inside the pizza restaurant that he began verbally assaulting them, calling one customer a “gay bastard” as they were waiting for their food.

The Mirror reports the men, who don’t want to be named for “fear of reprisals,” managed to videotape the incident (which you can watch below.)

Wearing a Papa John’s T-shirt, the employee also asks one of the men if he wants to “shove his mouth on [the other man’s] c***” while challenging them to a fight.

The video, shot on a smartphone at around 11:30pm on Saturday, has been sent to Papa John’s head office.

One victim tells Mirror Online that he’s “devastated” and can’t believe he was subjected to this abuse “in 2016.”

“He was quite scary,” he says. “It was really upsetting. I’ve been very anxious since – constantly worried — I haven’t been the subject of abuse before.”

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A spokesperson for Papa John confirmed that an employee has been suspended following an investigation into the incident.

One of the victims explained how the situation unfolded:

My friend told me he had been promoted at work and I gave him a hug, when the (worker) said something along the lines of ‘we don’t want none of that behavior in here’ and ‘you’re too close for my liking’.

“I said ‘don’t speak to me like that’ and the guy said ‘I’ll slap you silly’ – that’s when I started recording.”

The video begins with one of the victims asking, “What do you mean you are ‘going to slap me silly’?”

“Let me tell you something, you gay bastard,” says the employee.

“Hey, that’s enough…” says the second victim.

“Don’t you point that finger at me!” the employee shouts. “Get the hell out of my store!”

The customers ask why, with one asking, “Because I am gay?”

“Get the hell out of my store,” the employee repeats, “or I’ll break that phone and I will make you eat it… This is my store, I own it”.

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