dick appointments, man, watch,Running late for an appointment?

There’s an alternate word for a hook-up session (formerly known as “Netflix and chill”) — it’s a “d*ck appointment.” And now a new social media challenge is asking people to post screenshots of their partners responding to texts asking what “d*ck appointments” they have available. The results are hilariously thirsty.

To be clear, the “d*ck appointments challenge” seems to have been originated by heterosexual women, most likely a Twitter user named babyb0nes (below), but the slang “d*ck appointment” has long been in use. In fact, you can find “d*ck appointment” makeup tutorials on YouTube right alongside other various “hoe tips.” Very helpful.

So while most of the people taking the “d*ck appointments challenge” are women and their male partners, the responses can still teach us all a thing or two about professionalism, flirting, sexual hygiene and what not to say when your partner asks for some one-on-one time with your weiner.

Here are some of the best responses we saw on Twitter:

It’s fun to see couples being playful and thirsty together. It’s also interesting how many male partners take the opportunity to crack a joke rather than jump right on the sex.

Let this be a lesson to everyone reading: While it might be tempting to jump right on a d*ck appointment, a little banter and laughter can make for perfect foreplay before the actual appointment gets underway.


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