Zac Efron is looking mighty fine in the latest trailer for “Baywatch.”

The Hollywood heartthrob and former Disney star rides a motorbike, strips off, and take a dive into the sea in an action-packed teaser for 2017’s Baywatch remake – and we’ve got a sudden urge to go to the beach.

And it’s not just Zac who gets his kit off – while co-star The Rock might not show as much flesh, he does strip down to his swimming trunks for a slow-motion run across the beach in homage to the original series.

If that’s not enough ‘bae’ for you, check out these photos of the two buff actors on the set of the movie, or look back on that time Zac squeezed himself into some extremely tight swimming gear to train for his role.

Watch the new trailer below:

“Baywatch” is due out in cinemas on 26 May, 2017.


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