I will not try to set a parallel between civilization and underdeveloped countries, but between civilization and my country. Why is my country special? Well, when referring about homosexuality as a part of the spectrum, you are probably used to 2 different perspectives: people that accept diversity and people that reject it. Regardless of the reasons. They simply reject it.

That is not the case for Romania, because, unlike the rest of the world’s population, we have 3 different stages:

  1. People accepting diversity
  2. People rejecting diversity
  3. People unaware of diversity or that considers it an abomination.
homophobic country
“Two men kissing each other are out of this world” – libertatea.ro

I have to say that the last part is my favorite. No, don’t rush and say that for sure those people are the minority and they are most likely irrelevant. While that may be true for the normal part of the planet where you live in, let me disagree with that aspect when moving to my country. You see, Romania has a lot of rural areas and the urban sector is still strongly influenced by those moving from villages to cities, spreading their ill-formed education and traditions. These traditions say that sucking your husband’s cock is either demonic or disgusting. Most times it is considered as disgustingly demonic. And this is just for straight relationships. Now expand that to homosexuality and you will see my point here.

homophobic country
“Homosexuals are no longer viewed as insane or possessed. They are just considered depraved and abominable.” – adevarul.ro

Actually, to be honest, being a homosexual is quite honest the high end of the spectrum. I mean in lots of rural areas and by lots I mean lots, people still think orgasm is some kind of horrific disease, prelude is a dish and ejaculation is some kind of industrial digging machine. Two men kissing each other are out of this world and they may be subjected to exorcisms, sanity checks or crucifixions. Ok, I may have exaggerated at the last point, but you better take the first two for granted.

If you think that in the civilized areas of the country things may be a bit softer, you are wrong. While in the city the sexuality has a bit more to its definition, people still consider diversity in matter of sexual positions. And that’s about it. But there is an improvement. Homosexuals are no longer viewed as insane or possessed. They are just considered depraved and abominable. So, yea, life’s good! Cheers!


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