“Two bodies pulsing as one”

Hope you remember what happened with Mark and Antoan in the previous third series. 

…11th of October swiftly came, outside, the city was covered by a dark coat, and the stars were shining as never before. Mark was on his way to Antoan’s flat for his birthday party. In about 10 minutes, Mark rang his doorbell. Antoan didn’t expect this, with door’s opening he got stunned. Mark was, even more, charming and, even more, tempting that night. Antoan, deeply in himself, desired to dampen his lips right there and then, but he didn’t know how Mark would react, so he didn’t risk to scare him, and after a tight hug Mark went inside. Everyone there was seeing this angelic face for the first time, but nobody dared to approach him, so as they knew that Antoan had his eyes there. The night run along quickly, Mark drank and performed his erotic dances, leaving Antoan and his company in marvel.

Mark Crystalheart’s Life
The party was over and soon there was nobody else, except for them two – pinterest.com

The party was over and soon there was nobody else, except for them two. They were sufficiently drunk. Antoan approached Mark and enfolded his slender waist. Mark didn’t resist at all. Both had a moment of peering in each other’s eyes, at another, their lips merged and their eyelids fall. There was passion, a lot of passion as if they had waited this moment for years. Antoan pushed Mark down onto the sofa, and the passionate kissing continued, Mark belonged to him now. They were impatiently undressing each other, Mark went down kissing Antoan’s neck and then his outlined breast. For a blink of an eye, Mark found himself on the kitchen countertop, both naked as the day they were born, they were burning, there was no cold for them.

Mark Crystalheart’s Life
Antoan pushed Mark down onto the sofa – theguardian.com

Antoan’s ‘male pride’ was over 20cm and he was careful, trying gently, not to hurt his beloved, but soon after that, he couldn’t help his passion and went on, ramming it inside wildly, like a raging bull. Mark’s groans could be heard everywhere at the floor, but he wanted it inside, all of it! Antoan put his fingers in Mark’s mouth so that his groans slacken and went on, he loved the way his beloved was groaning, he kept on ramming his dick deeper and deeper. The eyes of both were closed, once in a while Mark was opening his eyes, to see his bull, Mark was proud of him. They both were so aglow now, that the sweat was running down like a brooklet from their faces. Antoan had rammed his tool so deep, that Mark could feel his pulse inside himself. Their bodies had merged into one, and their hearts were beating as one. During the night, neither one of them had a grain of sleep, they had too much passion, which had to be used up. Until the very morning hours, they had had a few more copulations, each one more passionate than the another.

Mark Crystalheart’s Life
He, suddenly, found himself in Antoan’s embrace – grabhim.net

When the first beams of the sun came inside, squeezing out of the curtain, Mark opened his eyes. He, suddenly, found himself in Antoan’s embrace, then he quickly remembered everything that had happened during that long night. He didn’t know how to react, just kept sitting awkwardly on the bed. Then turned around and looked at Antoan’s face, this boy, lying there was his boy now. A slight smile was given birth on his face, he gently kissed Antoan’s still burning red lips and got up to prepare the breakfast. He wanted to surprise his beloved with yummies. They had become each other’s family in this vast and cruel city, and would forever stand to one another. But life is fierce and unpredictable, no one knew what it would serve…