A few months ago I had to move again for a millionth time in a new campus because I’m a student. A friend of mine and I arrived at the campus found my room and started to move my bags from the car to the room. It was locked so I knocked. – “Who is it?”  it came from inside ,and I said “It’s your new roommate open up” .The boy wasn’t very happy about the fact that he’ll have a roommate but got over it quickly. I unpacked my luggage and my friend and I got out for a coffee we invited my new roommate to but he says no. While we had coffee as most gay guys we discussed a bit.

gay roommate
My friend was a hundred percent sure that Josh the roommate is gay – unigo.com

He was cute but not really my type. My friend was a hundred percent sure that Josh the roommate is gay, but I wasn’t sure. A few days had gone by and I started to notice some things he was more vain and narcissistic then me he was spending so much time deciding what to where, and don’t get me started on his morning routine and how much time hi was spending on his hair it was unbelievable. Witch made me thing that probably he was gay. In a few weeks I have introduced him to a few of my friends and we as roommates have bonded a little bit. One night as we were going to sleep he asked me “Have you  ever done it with a girl…?” ,and I responded “Can you be more specific with your question ?” with hesitation in his voice he asked “Are you gay ?” to witch I responded “Yes! Aren’t you?”.

gay roommate
While we had coffee as most gay guys we discussed a bit. – youtube.com

And after a long conversation it turn out that he is not gay he’s just a vain narcissistic virgin straight guy, who is very open minded and didn’t have a problem living with a gay guy. Even I tried to tell him that he can just try it with a guy he might like it. He doesn’t wanted to but he hangs out with me and my friend and we are very open about sex and all of that. A month after our big conversation he wasn’t a virgin anymore. The only details that he told me are that it is a girl from his university major and after that he is just going around with different girls and enjoying his sexuality. In my personal opinion he is Bisexual or maybe even gay. But he’s too afraid to try it, because of society, personal fears and all of that.

gay roommate
“I kissed and I fell in love with a guy, and the best thing it is, I liked it!” – hayaandaworld.com

But I’m waiting for the day that he will try it and he’ll say “You were right! I kissed and I fell in love with a guy, and the best thing it is, I liked it!”. I’m positive that will happen in the future but for now I’m satisfied. I found a living breathing straight guy that has most of the qualities of a stereotypical gay guy. I guess the moral of this story is don’t judge a book by its cover.